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About Us

Prime West strives to create and sustain a thriving healthcare organization that promotes successful, Independent physicians, strengthens the patient-physician relationship and improves patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes through quality, compassionate, coordinated care.

Operating as a subsidiary of Humana, Inc., Prime West Management specializes in senior focus healthcare services. Please contact us to learn more regarding how Prime West can customize solutions that fit the needs of your practice to ensure success.

How We Operate
How We Operate

Prime West offers services and resources for our physicians and senior patients in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is designed to enable providers and their practices to build long-term success. We help independent physicians continue to thrive in this ever-changing industry with the help of our technology partners and our growing clinical network.

Innovative Technology

We offer leading population health management tools that enables improved care delivery for seniors

Value-Based Services

Prime West equips physicians with optimized processes, people and technology that maximize patient outcomes and lower costs.

Innovative Technology

We offer a leading population health management tool that enables improved delivery of value-based care.

Value-Based Services

Our Prime network specializes in serving value-based contracts to physicians in both independent and employed models.

Integrated Clinical Network

Our leadership team is experienced in both building and operating clinically-integrated networks, designed to complement our outpatient facility partners.
Our value-based model shifts the emphasis of care from simply reimbursing clinicians on tests and services ordered to rewarding physicians for providing appropriate, coordinated care that keeps patient populations healthy

Contact Us

770 E Warm Springs Road Suite 340

Las Vegas, Nevada 89119